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  • Terry McKenna Speaker, Author, Consultant
  • In a world of accelerating change, relevance can never be taken for granted. You’re either moving forward or backward, but you’re never standing still. Therefore, organizations need to hardwire the capacity to change into their DNA.

    To effectively change, organizations must have a distinct point of view of the future, since the future is something you create, not something that happens to you.

    To create the future, organizations must develop high-performance workforces in order to unlock its true potential.

    And in the end, organizations must have a strategy to pull it all together and set their sails.

    Organizations that don’t change, reinvent, and unleash its talent, will be left behind, or worse, disappear!

Little things make big things happen!

Take Change by the Hand Before It Takes You by the Throat

  • Change brings both promise and peril. Organizations need to be quicker and more agile, because in a faster-moving, more complex and uncertain world, success has never been more fleeting. Organizations must change before it becomes obvious. The most successful way to change is to create it. But to do so, organizations must be organized to position themselves out in front of the change curve otherwise they will be forced to change on their competitor’s terms, which is competitive suicide. The key to success is to tilt the playing field to your advantage, and you do that by changing the rules of engagement.

Organizations don’t get better by chance, they get better by change!

Create Your Future Before It Creates You

  • The future is unknown, uncertain, and unpredictable. Because it’s all three, organizations need a strategy to map-out their future. Sadly, too many organizations sacrifice their future for the present – then they’re blindsided when the future arrives. Organizations are making their future, for better or worse, by what they do each day: decisions, behaviors, inactions. The future has already happened; the starting point is what is happening now and in the recent past that will have predictable effects in the years to come. The future requires decisions – now. It imposes risk – now. It requires action – now!

The future depends on what we do in the present — Mahatma Gandhi

How to Create a High-Performance Organization

  • Talent and skills shortages make up the #2 risk facing organizations today right after loss of customers. The ability to attract, retain and optimize employee job performance is the key differentiator that separates the great organizations from the pack. Top performers propel organizations on the fast track. You can’t build a winning organization with slackers. Organizations must be ruthless in getting the right people, with the right skills, in the right roles, and the wrong people out of them. Talent is the driver of organizational success. Leveraging that talent demands new ways of thinking about how to transform human capital into financial capital.

Potential means nothing if you don’t do anything with it!

Strategic Advantage: You Can’t Outperform The Competition If You Play

By Their Rules

  • Strategy is a game plan for winning. Strategy is about choices: what to do and what not to do. If your strategy isn’t sustainably different from your competitors, then it’s dead on arrival. Playing by the leaders rules is competitive suicide. Speed, flexibility, and adaptability have never been more important in today’s quickly changing and shifting environment. Strategy consists of three phases: 1) Development, 2) Implementation, and 3) Execution. No matter how brilliant a strategy, it still must be executed. Poor execution undercuts even the most brilliant strategy. Strategy execution accounts for 85% of an organization’s financial results. Lack of alignment is the #1 obstacle to execution. The principles of execution are: focus, alignment, engagement, and accountability. Key drivers of execution are: KPI’s, objectives, and a scoreboard. Strategy execution is everything!

Change the rules of engagement!


  • In over 20-years of booking speakers I have rarely – if ever – had the kind of positive feedback from my attendees as you generated.”
    Greg Martin – CEO, The Southern Assoc iation of Wholesale Distributors
  • Simply stated, your session, “Developing a High-Performance Workforce” was the #1 rated session at this year’s retailer convention. You’ve scored a trifecta, since this is the third time you’ve grabbed top honors.
    Mike Gallagher, U.S. Retail Training Manager, ExxonMobil
  • Once again you’ve scored the highest ratings – was there any doubt? On a scale of 1-5 you scored a 4.9 on both content and presentation.
    Kate Wilkes-Junkers, Conference Director, AQUA Show
  • Great comments from your recent presentation to our Chevron retailers and marketers. Here’s just a few: 1) Best session I’ve ever attended, 2) Made me second-guess and re-think about things that I never really thought twice about, 3) Loved the suggestions on emotional marketing and community involvement.
    Liz Wood, Learning Track Coordinator, Chevron Products Company
  • Your presentation and insights on “Employee Engagement” contributed significantly to the overall success of Retail’s Big Show.”
    Karen. T. Knobloch, Sr. VP Member Services, National Retail Federation
  • Great! Your presentation included a lot of practical, implementable ideas and concepts that our members can easily adopt within their companies. Real vs. theory – I love it!
    Gene D. Inglesby, Executive Director, Western Petroleum Marketers Assoc.
  • Terry was great. I loved the way he made us think about the job.
  • The main presentation gave me a chance to reset and think with a clear perspective about the way I carry myself on a daily basis and apply many of Terry’s ideas to my own situation.
  • terry
  • Terry McKenna is an internationally acclaimed speaker, author and consultant on the topics of human capital optimization and organizational design: people and systems. Terry’s most recent book, Hire the Best C-Store Employees – Interviewing Tactics for Hiring Employees Who Can Actually Make You Money, was a #1 seller in the convenience industry. Terry writes a monthly column for Convenience Store News and Single Store Operator, and has been featured in The Wall Street Journal and the Harvard Business School corporate training video, Benchmarking Outside The Box.

Terry is principal and co-founder of Employee Performance Strategies, Inc. (EPS) founded in 1997. EPS is the leading authority in helping organizations achieve greater financial results by optimizing employee job performance. EPS develops high-performance workforces through training, organizational design, and process improvement. EPS is unique in their depth and breadth of experience in understanding and relating to business owners and their employees, due to their extensive history and focus on people-based strategy development and execution.

Prior to founding EPS, Terry worked 17-years with ExxonMobil Corporation – U.S. Marketing Division. While at ExxonMobil, Terry led the development and implementation of a national customer service strategy, in addition to leading the achievement of ISO-9002 certification for customer service for convenience stores for ExxonMobil’s Singapore marketing affiliate.

Presentation Format:

All presentations follow the same format:

  • Developed specifically for management.
  • Experience-based vs. theory.
  • 10-point Implementation Plan.
  • Actionable Roadmap of Next Steps including Obstacles to overcome.
  • Scorecard to measure success.


An audience that invests their time to listen to a speaker wants and deserves three things:

  1. New insights to challenging problems.
  2. Practical ideas that are implementable, since implementation is the key to success.
  3. The confidence that they can take new ideas and make a difference with them.

A Meeting Planner deserves three things:

  1. A speaker who lives up to their press kit and presentation matches the description.
  2. A speaker who is reliable and doesn’t require hand-holding and ego-building.
  3. A speaker who is prepared, flexible, and delivers.


The following is a partial list of clients in which I have either delivered a general session keynote address, educational breakout session, or half-day educational workshop:

Companies: Associations:
ExxonMobil National Retail Federation (NRF)
Chevron National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS)
7-Eleven International Carwash Association
Circle K Society of Independent Marketers Association
Cigna Insurance The Southern Association of Wholesale Distributors
Department of the Air Force Western Petroleum Marketers Association
Sunoco Iowa Petroleum Marketers Association
Phillips 66 Virginia Retailers Association
Midas New York Association of Convenience Stores
Professional Data Solutions AQUA Pool & Spa Industry Convention
American Drug Stores New England Convenience Store Association
Murphy Oil USA Tennessee Grocers Association
ConnocoPhillips National Association of 7-Eleven Franchisees
Savon Pharmacies Pennsylvania Petroleum Marketers Association
Family Fare Grocery Stores Pennsylvania Food Merchants Association
Domino Pennsylvania Convenience Store Council
NOCO Ohio Petroleum Marketers Association
Casey’s General Stores Georgia Association of Convenience Stores
The Parker Companies South Carolina Association of Convenience Stores
Texaco North Carolina Petroleum & Convenience Marketers
Husky of Canada Texas Petroleum Marketers & C-Store Association

Why should you hire me to speak at your event?

Because I can make you look good by helping your clients. Here’s how:

As an organization-effectiveness consultant, I help organizations maximize results by challenging management dogmas and conventional wisdom, and questioning out-of-date beliefs that blind organizations to new possibilities. Organizations can’t solve new or chronic problems with fossilized principles and strategies. Organizations must think differently in order to see new options.

Whatever business you’re in, it’s going to commoditize over time. Business models expiration dates are getting shorter. And in a world where advantage lasts for five-minutes, you can blink and miss the window of opportunity. New ideas are the new currency. Theories are nice, data is better!

I help build organizational muscle by heightening organizational awareness, ridding organizations of complacency, and building critical capabilities for the future with the capacity for continual renewal. I do this through battled-tested proven results and empirical evidence.

A few behaviors can drive big change!


  • General Session/Keynote: $11,500
    Breakout: $8,500

(Travel expenses included)

Contact Information:

Terry McKenna

References: Available upon request.